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68 Mill Plain Road
Danbury, CT 06811


Where will my dog sleep?
Generally, the dogs will all sleep together in our lounge in our main building. Our lounge provides an assortment of resting spots (beds, dog beds, etc). Crates are available in the room for dogs that have trouble settling down, or at the owner’s request. During busy times (most Saturday nights, most weekends in the summer, and most holidays), we will also keep the Pup Tent building open for the overnight and split the group.
Will someone be with my dog all night?
Yes, the facility is staffed 24 hours a day and a human companion will sleep in the same room as your dog.
Should I bring my dog's food?
Yes, to avoid digestive upset, we ask that you provide your dog’s regular food in an airtight container.
Why must my dog spend a day at daycare before I can leave him overnight?
Since we are not a traditional boarding facility, we need to ensure that your dog will be comfortable in our cage free environment. If your dog enjoys a day at daycare, we can be confident that he will enjoy an extended stay with us.