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68 Mill Plain Road
Danbury, CT 06811

Play, Exercise and Socialize!

Our doggie daycamp offers a safe, clean and fun environment for your dog to play and interact with other friendly dogs and our staff. Wags daycampers spend their days running and playing in the gym, napping in the lounge and getting attention from our staff. The positive socialization that daycampers receive at Wags sends them home happy, well exercised and ready for quiet time with the family.

Some of our amenities include:

  • Constant supervision by our professional staff
  • Temperature controlled facilities to ensure maximum comfort
  • Spacious yards with secure fencing
  • Impact absorbing rubber matted floors for active play
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Outdoor kiddie pools and playgrounds
  • 24 hour access to fresh water

We have two buildings and we divide the playgroups by size and temperament.

The Main Camp is open 7 days a week and features:

  • The Gym: a large playroom lined with a rubber matted floor for active playing
  • The Lounge: playroom with lots of beds and blankets, a great place for dogs to relax and sleep
  • The Playground: a large, secure outdoor area with artificial turf and fun things to climb on

The Pup Tent is open 7 days a week and features:

  • Daycamp for smaller and less active dogs
  • The Playroom: a smaller play area and group ( a great place to build timid dogs' and puppies' confidence). Lower bedding, extra resting spots and rubber matted floors throughout.
  • The Playground: a secure outdoor area with artificial turf where dogs fetch and chase.

Please visit our “Register” page or contact us at (203) 744-9247 for more information and to get started.

• $33 for a full day of daycamp
• $21 for a half day of daycamp (pickup by 1pm)
• $300 for a 10 day package (use within 3 months)
• $560 for a 20 day package (use within 3 months)

All prices are exclusive of taxes.
25% discount for second dog from the same household.

• Daycamp is open 7am to 7pm Monday through Friday
• Daycamp is open 8am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday
• All dogs must be dropped off before 11am







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Benefits of
Dog DaycAMP

√ Develop socialization

• Positive interaction with
  people and dogs
• Structured, non-aggressive
• Creation of special friendships

√ Provide necessary

• Physical and mental stimulation
• Burn-off excess energy
• Maintain healthy weight

√ Reinforce basic manners
• Positive reinforcement of good
• No reward for inappropriate

√ Confidence building
• Enjoyable activities
• Positive environment
• Praise and rewards

√ Curb destructive

• Stimulating and challenging
• Companionship
• Eases separation anxiety

√ Quality care for your
   dog when you can’t
   provide it

• You’re at work
• You’re running errands
• You’re busy with social
• Workmen, cleaners are
   at your home
• No place to play with your
   dog off-leash
• You just don’t have the time

√ Less stress for your
   dog when you are away

• Safe, secure and never alone
• Companionship for your dog
• Activities to keep your dog

√ Improve owner/dog

• Peace of mind
• Quality time at home
• An exercised and very happy dog

√ Human and canine
   contact up to 12 hours
   a day

• Supervision by trained
• Personal attention
• Hugs and belly rubs