Faqs – Daycamp

A. Many dogs are left home for extended periods of time throughout the day. Owners often come home tired and are unable to give their dogs the amount of exercise and play their dogs really need to maintain physical and mental health. Without adequate exercise, dogs sometimes develop problems like destructive behavior, incessant barking and regression in their housetraining. In addition to plenty of fun and exercise, dogs that come to daycare have their basic manners reinforced daily. Inappropriate behaviors receive no rewards while good behaviors are rewarded.

Daycare also provides excellent socialization opportunities with other friendly dogs and people. Dogs are active and social animals; they need to run and romp regularly and for most dogs, the chance to play with other dogs is a joy like no other. For puppies, this is extremely important. It is critical to expose puppies early to as many new experiences as possible in order to give your dog the best start in life.

A. Like anything fun in life, daycare does have its risks. The risks are similar to those that children in daycare experience. These include contagious illness, parasites, and possible injury. No matter how sweet your dog is at home, dog disagreements and dog injuries are possible. Think of it as you would kids on a playground. Eventually, someone will skin their knee or get a bloody nose. Since dogs don’t have hands, they use their teeth to grab each other by the neck and nibble, steal toys and play with one another. Cuts, scrapes and the occasional puncture are going to happen. It's a risk you must be willing to accept if you want your dog to play. Accidents that happen as a result of normal play are different from aggression. We do not accept aggressive dogs.
A. Our facility is thoroughly cleaned every day. We use top of the line, animal-safe disinfectants that are strong enough to kill major viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens. In addition, our screening process requires up-to-date vaccinations and a clean bill of health. We take great pride in the cleanliness of our facility!
A. The interview is for your dog’s protection as well as for the other people and dogs at the daycare. The interview helps to determine if your dog is right for daycare (wants to be around other dogs and people, not possessive, etc.), helps address your concerns and expectations, and makes sure your dog is up-to-date with the needed vaccinations and preventatives. It also allows you to visit our facility so you feel good about the process and where your dog will play before dropping him off for the first time.
A. This may happen. We strive to do what's best for all dogs. Just because your dog may fail the interview, it does not mean you don't have a wonderful dog, it just means that daycare may not be a good match with your dog. This unique environment may be too overwhelming for your dog. Some dogs may just need a little training and socialization before coming to daycare.
A. That is really up to you and depends on your dog's personality and energy level. Our main concern is that your dog comes to daycare on a regular enough basis to establish a relationship with us and the daycare pack. If your dog only comes once a month, it may seem like a new and stressful experience each time he comes (much like going to the vet or groomer). For this reason, we recommend a minimum of one visit per week.

We have multiple playgroups every day so that we can separate dogs into safe and fun groups.  Small dogs play separately from large dogs, and beyond that we match compatible temperaments and playstyles.

A. We love senior dogs! Our setup allows us to give most seniors an appropriate playgroup and extra rest time if needed. However, this is a very physical environment. If you dog is in fragile health or having mobility issues, please call us to discuss your situation.
A. The dogs are constantly supervised while playing. Inappropriate play is stopped and good behavior is rewarded. We keep your pet safe, clean and well cared for.
A. You can be assured that we are carefully watching your dog's playtime and always on the lookout for signs of a fight about to happen. We are constantly observing the dogs’ body language and redirecting inappropriate play. We have various methods for breaking up fights that will keep the dogs and our staff safe, including spraying water from a spray bottle or throwing a shaker can on the floor to distract the dogs. If an accepted dog exhibits unacceptable behavior, the dog is given a time out and the owner will be informed of the concern. We will then work with the owner to resolve the problem or the dog will be removed from daycare.
A. If your dog is injured, you will be notified immediately if the problem is severe. If the problem is minor, you will be notified when you pick up your dog. If vet care is needed, depending on severity, we will transport your dog to your own vet or utilize ours. All medical costs will be assumed by you. Please refer to the registration packet for more details.

Most diseases your dog could contract at daycare are prevented by keeping your dog up-to-date with their vaccinations, worming and flea/tick prevention. However, some diseases like Bordetella, commonly known as "kennel cough" have many different strains. It is always possible your dog could contract "kennel cough" when one dog in the daycare has been exposed to it and begins to show the symptoms. Once our staff hears a dog coughing, we will quarantine the affected dog and send him home. We'll let you know if an outbreak has occurred, clean the daycare thoroughly and observe if the other dogs begin to show symptoms.

A. Yes, our staff is trained to safely administer oral and/or topical medications. Occasionally we can give injectable medications. Please contact our office staff to discuss your situation.
A. Dogs are encouraged to eliminate outside in our fenced yards. Of course if an accident happens inside, the area will be cleaned and disinfected immediately.
A. Dogs are not given any food, just plenty of water. Dogs should be fed prior to drop off or after pick up. If your dog does require a mid-day meal for medical reasons, arrangements can be made.
A. Do not bring toys. We have plenty of toys available. All our toys must remain neutral to avoid possessiveness.
A. All dogs must be on a leash to enter and exit the building. Daycare dogs do not typically wear collars while in our playgroups at Wags.