Dog Daycamp


Our doggie daycamp service offers your dog the opportunity to run, play and socialize with other dogs while supervised by our daycare staff. Daycamp will teach your dog appropriate social skills, as well as provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Regular daycamp attendance can help owner-absent behavior problems such as separation anxiety and destructive behavior.

Once enrolled at Wags, you can choose to bring your dog on a regular weekly schedule, or just occasionally as needed.


  • Constant supervision by our professional staff
  • Temperature controlled facilities to ensure maximum comfort
  • Spacious yards with secure fencing
  • Impact absorbing rubber matted floors for active play
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Outdoor kiddie pools and playgrounds
  • Playgroups divided by size and temperament for the safety and comfort of all dogs

Please Note: We have recently opened up our client list again and are resuming evaluations in February and March 2024. To get started please fill out a dog history/waitlist form and a member of our Front Desk team will contact you. We are working our way through the old waitlist; if you previously filled out a waitlist form and haven't heard from us please drop us an email. Please click here to fill out the Dog History/Waitlist Form.


Full Days:

        • $40 for a full day of daycamp
        • $370 for a ten day package ($37 per day) - use within 3 months
        • $700 for a 20 day package ($35 per day) - use within 3 months

Half Days (pickup by 1pm):

        • $28 for a half day of daycamp
        • $260 for a ten day package of half days ($26 per day) - use within 3 months
        • $480 for a twenty day package of half days ($24 per day) - use within 3 months

All prices are exclusive of taxes.


Daycamp is open 7am to 7pm every day of the week (Monday through Sunday)

          • All dogs must be dropped off before 11am

Our Paw Scout Program:

"Paw Scouts" are dogs who attend Wags for daycamp at least one day per week on a set schedule (for example, every Wednesday or every Tuesday and Friday).

We will make reservations for your dog and will be expecting you; if you need to skip once in a while just let us know ahead of time. The cost to join the program is free!


          • No need to make reservations on your Paw Scout days. We will make the reservations for you every month.
          • Free day of daycamp for your dog’s birthday
          • Two seasonal activities per year (either a photo shoot or craft to take home) exclusively available to Paw Scouts
          • $5 discount on baths
          • $5 discount on boarding per night
          • Guaranteed boarding availability (with one week’s notice for busy holidays)
          • Your dog gets on a regular schedule for daycamp, learns the routine, and sees many of his same friends and favorite staff on the same days every week!

Please let our front desk if you would like to sign up for the Paw Scout program.