Cat Boarding


Our Kitty Camp provides secure and peaceful housing with comfy beds for your feline friends when you are away from home.  Every cat is provided with a private enclosure that includes living quarters and a separate litter box compartment in a sunny and restful room.

Each enclosure is a "cat condo" with multiple resting shelves and a porthole to a separate area for the litterbox. We have a total of 8 enclosures available -- 4 top units and 4 bottom units. A top and bottom unit can be combined by opening a porthole and providing double the space. If we have empty enclosures, cats will be given a double whenever possible. To guarantee a double unit for your cat, you can reserve it for an additional fee.

Once they are comfortable at Wags, every cat is given some time outside of their enclosure during the day. They can stretch their legs, snooze on a sunny windowsill or play with the toys and scratching posts.

Our 2023 RATES:

$25 per night per cat

To reserve a guaranteed second enclosure for your cat for double the space, the cost is an additional $20 per night.